Registration & transaction fees: Please note that registration fees are due in full for the entire season at the time of registration and must be paid by credit card. Bingo fees (for competitive swimmers) are due in September. CREST has strict a "No Refund" policy - exceptions will only be considered for medical reasons. Members are also responsible for all meet fees incurred unless declined by the deadline.  Any volunteer/ commitment points that are not earned will be billed to the member's account at $200/point. A Team Unify credit card processing fee of 3.65% applies to all transactions. If you require financial flexibility, please contact the Registrar.

Pre-Competitive Fees

CREST’s Pre-Competitive Program runs in two consecutive sessions of approximately 15 weeks each, with Session 1 typically scheduled October-January and Session 2 February-May.  

CREST Registration Fee: The fee for each 15 week pre-competitive session is $900 for the 2022-2023 season.    

Swim Ontario Registration Fee: Swim Ontario requires all members of a sanctioned swim club to register with Swim Ontario.  All swimmers registered with CREST’s Pre-Competitive Program must be registered in Swim Ontario’s pre-competitive category.  The 2022/2023 Swim Ontario registration fee is $55. Note that this fee is annual and will not be charged twice for swimmers participating in both sessions.

Meet Fees : Pre-Competitive swimmers have the opportunity to particiapte in one sanctioned swim meet during the season.  Swimmer accounts will be charged if they choose to participate in the meet  

Competitive Team Fees

There are a number of fees and commitments required to register and swim with CREST’s Competitive Team.


1) CREST Registration Fee

The competitive season runs from mid-September to late-June (or end of July for those swimmers qualifying for provincial or national events).   Fees vary with age.  The 2023-2024 season fees are as follows:

8 & Under:        $1365

9-10:                $1860

11-12:              $2280

13 & Over:        $2625


2) Swim Ontario Registration Fee

Swim Ontario requires all members of a sanctioned swim club to register with Swim Ontario.  All swimmers on CREST’s Competitive Team must be registered in Swim Ontario’s competitive category.  Fees vary with age. The 2022-2023 fees are as follows:

8 & Under:        $125.00

9-10:                $145.00

11-14:              $165.00

15&O:               $185.00


3) Bingo Commitment

As a not-for-profit organization whose core values includes accessibility, CREST relies heavily on fundraising initiatives to keep fees as low as possible.  The bingo program, administered by the Ontario Charitable Gaming Association, is the most critical component of CREST’s fundraising program.   Every family therefore has a bingo obligation.  Families who choose to participate in the bingo program can offset this portion of their swimmer's fees.  Families who choose to buyout of their obligation are charged a higher fee.  Please review the Parent/Bingo page to learn more about the bingo program.

For the 2023-2024 season:

Families who buyout of their bingo obligation will be charged $1600 per swimmer (with family discounts as described below).  

Families who participate in the program will be charged $600 and commit to up to 10 bingo shifts (per swimmer with family discounts as described below) over the course of the year (Oct-Sept).  Depending on the number of shifts that Dolphin Bingo makes available to Crest, and depending on the number of shifts a family works (which is impacted by how many families choose to participate), the intial $600 fee could potentially be reduced further.  Final fees for participating families are determined at the end of the fiscal year (August 31) due to these variables.  

Bingo fees are charged in early September.


4) Family Discounts

Discounts are available to families who register more than one child in the competitive program. 

Registration Fee Discounts:

$350 discount is applied to the second swimmer 

$700 discount is applied to the third swimmer

Bingo Fee Discounts

25% discount is applied to the second swimmer

50% discount is applied to the third swimmer


5) Additional Costs

Additional charges will be applied to your account during the season.  These may include, but are not limited to: fees resulting from swim meets in which your swimmer has been entered and; charges related to equipment or spirit wear purchases that are not paid for at the time of purchase.


6) CREST Assistance Program (“CAP”)

Please note that CREST has a financial assistance program geared toward swimmers in financial need to help subsidize registration costs.  It is based on need and is distributed at the discretion of the Head Coach and Executive Commitee.


7) Parent Volunteering

As a small, not-for-profit volunteer administered club, CREST relies heavily on family involvement to keep the club running smoothly.   Of equal importance, the club's unique philosophy seeks to create a family-oriented environment where parent members actively engage and participate in the CREST community.  For these reasons, there is not a buyout option for club commitment points. Any volunteer/ commitment points that are not earned will be billed to the member's account at $200/point.  For further information, click Parents/Volunteering.  

Please note that parent volunteering is separate from the family's bingo obligation.