About CREST Swimming


What began as a gathering of three youth and former Olympian, Fred Arzaga, at the Crescent Town Club in 1981, has become one of Ontario's highest performing small teams. 


Officially registered with the Canadian Amateur Swimming Association in 1986, CREST Swimming has a long tradition of nurturing and developing outstanding swimmers. CREST is a small team by design and its success comes as a result of the world-class coaching of Head Coach Fred Arzaga and Development Coach Che Mineque; the committed swimmers who bring their A-game to every practice and meet; and the devoted parent community that ensures that the club is well supported.


There are two programs at CREST: A Competitive Program led by Head Coach Fred Arzaga with 50 swimmers who train and compete on a regular schedule; and a Pre-Competitive Program that is geared towards younger swimmers who train several times per week with Development Coaches Che Mineque and AJ Isleta. Many of our Pre-Competitive swimmers go on to join the Competitive program with great success.


One of the key advantages of CREST is the flexibility of the training schedule. Competitive swimmers have a minimum number of practices required each week which is based on their age, level and the coach’s recommendation. These practices can be completed during any of the 12 practice sessions reserved each week for CREST swimmers in the Crescent Town Club pool. These sessions are in addition to the dryland training sessions that are offered 2-3 times per week.


Pre-Competitive Level 1 swimmers also have choice of swim schedule and can opt for one or two practices per week which can be scheduled during the three available slots – Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 5:00 to 6:00 p.m.  Level 2 swimmers practice during all three pre-competitive time slots.


CREST is the only swim team that trains out of the Crescent Town Club pool and the team is well supported by the facility and local community who are proud of the success that has been achieved by the team.

Training Our Children for Life Through Competitive Swimming


CREST provides opportunities to train and develop as competitive swimmers.

CREST helps develop the individual swimmer's character and positive self-image.

CREST develops the individual swimmer's athletic potential.

CREST develops a positive and constructive atmosphere of support for the team and all its individual members.

CREST supports individual members at appropriate competitive levels up to and including the Olympics.

CREST provides affordable swimming programs to youths of the local community.